Improving multiplayer sports

Our mission is to radically improve the ball sports experience with great design and cutting edge technology. From athlete performance to fan-club engagement and training exercises.

We believe that ball sports can be 100x as interesting and engaging if we augment the sport with innovative mobile, AI and computer vision technologies.

Our vision.

Great design + Cutting edge tech = Better sports

User first.

Ball sport like soccer, tennis or hockey are complex ecosystems of athletes, trainers, clubs, associations and fans.

There are many digital point solutions out there, but the experience as a whole doesn’t add up. Therefore we take a radical user first approach rooted deeply in user and data research.

Cutting edge technology

Computer vision.

Nowadays, cameras are universal in sports. And they will get smarter and better connected in the years ahead. By using computer vision we are able to improve performance and enrich the sports experience.

Machine Learning.

From improving athlete performance to providing real time feedback of training exercises, Machine Learning is at the core of our technology strategy.

Mobile technology.

We use native mobile technologies such as augmented reality and the many mobile sensors in native mobile apps for athletes, trainers and fans.

Join forces

Partnering & Investing.

Improving the full sports ecosystem requires another level of partnerships and investment. We are working with leading technology firms and front runners in the sports world.

Not only are we a startup, but we're also investors that want to invest and partner with other players in the sports ecosystem.

The team.

We are a team of designers, engineers and data scientists together with seasoned technology leaders and investors. We share a passion for sports: the competition, the collaboration, the fun, sweat and tears.

We’re based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. If you're interested in joining us in any shape or form. Please reach out for a (virtual) cup of coffee.

Join us

Our vacancies.

We are looking for talent to join us.

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    User experience (UX) designer stagiar

    Mingle Sport zoekt een UX Designer stagiair met een passie voor sport.

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    Marketing stagiair

    Mingle Sport zoekt een marketing stagiair met een passie voor sport. Je hebt een opleiding in de richting van (sport) marketing / markt onderzoek of iets vergelijkbaars.

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    Stagiair user experience (UX) research

    Mingle Sport zoekt een stagiair user experience researcher met een passie voor sport. Je hebt een opleiding in de richting van ux design / communicatiewetenschappen of iets vergelijkbaars.

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    Android developer

    As Android Developer at Mingle Sports Technologies, you'll build beautiful and user-friendly Android apps for our customers.

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    Computer Vision intern / Machine learning intern

    You are a motivated graduate student with a technical background. Your study is related to computer science or you have an engineering background with programming experience. And you are looking for a challenging assignment.


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